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Winter surprise

Deeply covered under a thick, white layer of powder snow lies the nut tree hill.
The clear rays of the sun let the tiny icy crystals shine and turn the landscape into a sparkling untouched blanket of snow.
Suddenly Funo the fox appears between the snow loaded branches and twigs.
He jumps into the fluffy white splendor, sinks in, then jumps to the next spot and further and further. He then stops, throws himself on his back and wallows and turns frolicking.
“Hey, Funo! You will destroy our beautiful blanket of snow!” Mopsi the piglet shouts at him.
“You should also try bathing in the snow.” Funo shouts back while wallowing in the snow with even more pleasure.
Mopsi gasps.
“Well, alright. There are already lots of holes in the blanket of snow anyway.”
Mopsi throws himself backwards into the snow, his paws straight up in the air and does the same as Funo. “This is almost as nice as bathing in mud … actually it is even better,” he grunts.
The two push their backs further through the deep snow.
“I have an idea, Funo.” Mopsi shouts out suddenly. “We have already slid a nice long way into the snow. If we continue a little bit, Hubo the rabbit could hop easily to his bush, you know, the one with the tasty bark. Hubo wouldn't drown in the snow anymore. That would be a nice winter surprise for him.
“Now that is an idea is right up my alley.” Funo says happily and keeps pushing himself forward on his back just like Mopsi.
“I can`t go on any further.” Mopsi wheezes in front of the rabbit den. “But fortunately we made it.”
“I could have gone on like this forever.” responds Funo.
They both jump back onto their paws and shake off the snow from their bodies. Then Mopsi takes a deep breath and shouts:
“Hello Hubo! Winter surprise! From Funo and me!”
“There is obviously nobody at home.” Funo is disappointed. “Here we are doing something nice and then this.”
“Shh!” Over there. I hear something.” Mopsi listens.
“It came straight from my hammock. What is going on there?” Funo shouts and rushes off. Mopsi chases after him.
“Stop! Take your paws off my hammock! Why isn’t it frozen anymore? What are you doing there?” Funo sees how Hubo the rabbit gives a swing to the lively mice gang whirlwind. Jumping around wildly, the mice swing in the hammock and peep in chorus:

„Euronia freed her from the ice,
Hubo sweeped snow, like us, the mice
off of Funos cool hammock
which had a break for too long.

The test swing is done,
we were the first to jump on,
and we will not leave again
we will stay here, let the fun begin!“

“Well, that is a nice winter surprise!“ Funo shouts at the mice.

“Hihi!“ Mopsi grunts happily. „It is nice that the mice gang, Hubo and Euronia woke up your hammock.“
“First of all I want to see if it still swings as usual. Well then mice gang, thank you and bye bye!“
Funo takes a running jump with full force into the heavily moving hammock. Peeping and shrieking the mice jump out of it to all sides. They cling onto the trees  which the hammock is tied to.
“Come on, Mopsi and Hubo! Jump in, then we have more swing!“ shouts Funo.
But the moment they land in the hammock, it jerks  to the snow-covered ground.
 “Ouch! That was hard!“ shouts Mopsi and touches his backside.
“I almost pulled out my tail.” rants Funo.
Hubo is the only one laughing, pointing at the swirling Wirbelwind mice gang that is spinning around and peeping loudly:

“Swinging, falling and so much more
can do our hammock just watch it go.
It is even great for sliding.
Now you only need courage, no need for hiding.”

The mice press and push the hammock forward with their little paws until it slowly starts moving and then getting faster and faster.
“We are sliding down the nut tree hill.” screams Mopsi.
“You ripped my hammock from the trees.” Funo shouts to the mice who scoot after the hammock which slides through the snow as they jump on it.
“But that sure is fun.” Hubo says pleased as his long ears flap wildly around his head. “Behind my rabbit den it won't slide anymore because there is too much deep snow.” Hubo calms the others.
“Not anymore.” shouts Mopsi even louder and closes his eyes. “We have this great idea and removed all the deep snow behind your den up to your bush as a winter surprise for you .”
“Oh no, then we will slide faster and faster.” Hubo shouts out quite loud as well.
“Heeeelp!” Funo, Hubo and Mopsi scream out while the mice gang goes on peeping and giggling:

“With full force - that is so nice!
You can see the whole world on the flies.
The sliding hammock is so much fun.
Now everybody get out of the way and run.”

“Isn’t there anyone who can help us?” Mopsi shouts out all over the place. “Are we all alone in this world?”
“Hello! Here I am! What shall I do?”
Euronia the owl flutters after the fast hammock.
“Make us stop!” calls Funo. “Come up with an idea! I thought owls were so smart.”
“Wait – I know something.” tries Euronia.
“WAIT? But how?” Funo yells.
Meanwhile Euronia flies ahead of the others. She lands quietly on a huge snow covered tree.
Just in time she hops from one branch to the other causing the heavy masses of snow to plump down and mount up to a wide wall as at that exact moment the hammock rushes into the snow pile coming to a screeching halt.
Suddenly it is awkwardly silent. Quiet as a mouse. Suddenly the pile moves and bit by bit a snow white Funo, Mopsi and Hubo and the mice gang crawl out.

“That was really close!” whispers Hubo. “Thanks Euronia.”
Mopsi breathes heavily and shakes all over.
“My life was at stake.”
“That was amazing!” says Funo. “A really adventurous ride! And now a bath in the snow to calm down. Who is in?”
“Why not” grunts Mopsi. “At least that is not so dangerous.”
“I will take a snow shower, Euronia. Please turn it on again!” Hubo shouts up to the tree.
“Ready to go!” Euronia shouts back and hops onto the next snow covered branch.
And while Funo and Mopsi wallow in the snow and Hubo is under the snow shower, the mice are watching them from the side, peeping tiredly:

“Keep having lots of fun in the snow!
Our paws are hurting so.
This is why we need our mouse sleep.
For once we will keep out of mischief.”